New Product!

The Last Supper has been our best seller and we are so very thankful and excited to now offer you this piece as a matted and mounted print on archival paper!                                

The dimensions of the Last Supper piece were based upon the mathematical ratios of Leonardo Di Vinci's Last Supper, completed in 1498. His piece, housed by the rectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy measures 180 inches x 350 inches, roughly a 1:2 ratio. The styling of this elongated piece is iconic, and therefore, the ratio of height to length needed to remain as is. However, the cost, if one were to frame such a piece could easily become pricey, because of it's custom sizing. Therefore, our canvas pieces are stretched on 1 1/2 inch gallery stretchers, to maintain a contemporary look and alleviate the need for a custom frame.

Some do still want to frame their pieces. So, what's a thrifty gal to do??? I appreciate quality and will personally pay for quality, but I also love a deal and completely understand the need to stay within a budget. I want to provide a product that doesn't break the bank because the primary goal of Jill Elizabeth Art is to evangelize through art. So, how do we do this for a nonstandard sized print? We mat it to fit into a box store 16X20 frame! 

We are now selling The Last Supper piece (8 x 16 inch image) printed on archival quality paper, mounted and matted in snow white, to fit into your 16x20 frame of choice. These are truly beautiful prints and I am blown away by their brilliance of color and detail. With their professional matting and mounting, these pieces are ready to gift. They would make beautiful housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, Mothers' and Fathers' Day gifts. You name it!

We are always looking for ways to improve and to provide items in a more accessible way and hope you enjoy this new offering!

Your Sister in Christ,


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