About the Artist

Hello! My name is Jill Rund and it brings me great joy to welcome you to Jill Elizabeth. As a Catholic mother of five little souls, I strive to fill the walls of our home with artwork which reflects the great joy and mercy found in our faith. Although many amazing pieces are available, I have long been drawn to the great masterpieces. When choosing art for my own home, I found that the contemporary style of our décor seemed to conflict with the visual heaviness of many historical pieces. Despite my appreciation of historical works, I realized that their darker colors and the styling of the figures evoked a more solemn presentation. This just did not seem to fit with the daily wrestling matches, tag games, and doll tea parties within our home. I needed something peaceful but bright. Therefore, I set out to reimagine these masterpieces in a more contemporary light.

Prior to my full-time mom career, I studied fine art with an emphasis on studio art. As part of any solid art education, historical context was emphasized within our studies for interpretation and appreciation. The resulting cerebral conversations of art have never been my forte, nor do I expect that to change as I reacquaint myself with masterpieces of old. However, what has always struck me was the process of art creation itself along with the resulting piece, what is called "art gestalt." I often looked at pieces and wondered the emotional state of the artist. What pressures from benefactors were applied? What mediums were used? I found myself imagining the smell of their varnishes, linseed oils, feeling the cold dampness of fresco walls. That process of creating inspires me. As I have grown in my own faith journey, I have been introduced to the process of Ignatian prayer and found this to be so similar to my own love for the creation process. My sacred artwork is the product of my own Ignatian prayers, my own gestalt. I try to capture the light and the feeling of scripture.

Outside of my sacred artwork, I am an avid lover of nature and all things gardening. I am mesmerized by the beauty found in simple pieces of fruit, the way light plays across a vast field of corn, the simplicity and delicacy of a flower petal, the "hills and valleys" found inside of a walnut. An entire landscape can be viewed by an altered perspective. I hope these pieces inspire you to seek the beauty in the simple, as they do for me and my own family.

First and foremost, I am a wife, a mother, a daughter and a sister; I consider my vocation of marriage, motherhood, and family to be primary in my life. Therefore, artwork is often completed when free time allows, typically with little ones dancing in and out of the room, occasionally grabbing an oil paint brush and jetting through the house (GASP!)  So, if you don't see something that speaks to you just yet; please check back, I am likely working on a new piece that will be soon added. Also, I am open to ideas and suggestions that you may have for reimagined masterpieces; shoot me an email. I'd love to get to know you better.

Thank you for stopping by.

 Your Sister in Christ,